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Joanna lives and works on the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. She earned her degree in Dramatic Art from the University of California, Berkeley and worked for broadcasting before launching her recording and voice over career in 2010. Talking about herself in 3rd person has always felt strange, so let's shift to something more comfortable. 

Hey, I'm Joanna Teljeur (people always ask me about how my last name is pronounced. It's Tel-zjur . . . like Leisure). 

I've recorded TV ads, eLearning, Youtube ads, all sorts of marketing videos, telephone scripts, and all the other usual types of recordings in the voice over artist's arsenal. But several years ago, I was invited to record an audiobook, and my life was changed forever. 

Recording scripts is such fun no matter what the subject matter, but I have to admit that narration has become my passion. So far, I've recorded over 175 audiobooks in a variety of genres including YA fiction, Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Non-fiction, and Children's. Speaking of YA and Children's, I've performed as a character actor for a few independent animation and video games, and that's something I think I'd enjoy doing more of in the future.

People have said my voice is honest, sultry, soothing, lyrical, and my narration style is versatile, intelligent, enchanting, and expressive, but I'm happy to let you decide. I'm always happy to do a demo!

I'm a proud member of the Audio Publishers Association and the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association. My husband and I live with a scottie, a pug, and a bouvier, and we spend a lot of time creating things and playing out in the woods.

Here's my studio info and gear:  Neumann U87 mic, Duet 2 IOS Apogee, Adobe Audition, Whisperoom (but I also have a larger standing studio). Hoping to have Source Connect sometime soon.

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For more than ten years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Joanna.  She puts the "artist" in voice artist.  Not only can she deliver multiple characters and styles of delivery, but she also has a very relatable and amazingly convincing voice.  She is flexible, always on time, and a pleasure to work with.  She is top of our list for any time we need a female voice.  I highly recommend her for your next project. 

- Matthew Pearce, President - Fast Forward Media, Alemeda, CA